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Club Concessional Registration Scheme

The BMWMCC Incorporated (the Club) is affiliated with the Council ACT Motor Clubs (CACTMC) and granted authority to operate a concessional registration scheme (CRS).  More information on the CACTMC and Communique (newsletters) can be found on the Council website

The CRS is only available to current and continuous financial members of the Club for BMW motorcycles.  The registered vehicle owner must meet and maintain all of the following criteria to hold CRS for their motorcycle:

Financial Membership

    The Owner of the motorcycle (ie: person listed on registration paper) must be a current financial member of the Club and:

    • have 6+ months remaining for the current year membership ending 28 February.
    • a member seeking CRS with the Club after 1 August must renew their membership for the following year before CRS application.

    The Club must notify ACT Urban Services whenever a member holding CRS with the Club is unfinancial - even a short lapse!  So renew your membership before 28 February annually.

      There are significant penalties and legal liability in riding an unregistered motorcycle.

      I am a financial member living in NSW (click)I am a financial Member living in the ACT

      Eligible Vehicle

      Motorcycles that qualify for concessional registration with the BMWMCC include:

      • Veteran motorcycles manufactured before 1 January 1919;
      • Vintage motorcycles manufactured from 1 January 1919 to 31 December 1930 inclusive; and,
      • Historic motorcycles manufactured from 1 January 1931 which are 30 year of age inclusive.

      Club Inspection

      The Club has appointed a number of 'inspectors' for the purpose of establishing CRS eligibility and listed on this page .  It is the owners responsibility to arrange for the inspection of their motorcycle:

      • when wanting to apply for initial CRS, and
      • before the expiration of their concessional registration each year.
      Email or call a Club inspector to arrange a mutually convenient time to inspect your motorcycle.  Do Not leave this to the day before your registration runs out as there is no provision for an extension.  Riding an unregistered motorcycle is against the law.
         BMWMCCACT Registrar & CACTMC Delegate
         Garry Smee  0400 264 372
         Inspector (South) & CACTMC Delegate
         Mike Kelly
         0416 291 996
         Inspector (South)
         Inspector (North)
         Inspector (North)

        The CRS motorcycle owner has the sole responsibility for ensuring that their motorcycle is road worthy in all respects.  The BMWMCC is only inspecting and attesting to the CRS eligibility of the motorcycle.  If the owner has any concerns they should consult a competent and authorised mechanic.  The BMWMCC will keep and required to share information on the owner and motorbike details to CACTMC and ACT Government authorities.

        Owner to Applies to ACT Urban Services for CRS registration.

        Detailed requirements are available on the Access Canberra website

        The owner is liable for any application fees and costs associated with CRS registration


        For your motorcycle be used in a manner consistent with the spirit of the concessional registration scheme the Council of ACT Motor Clubs has determined that the maximum distance traveled within the ACT should not exceed 2,000 miles or 3,000 km on average each year.  All use must be recorded in the owners 'log book'.

        The ACT Urban Services has identified three main categories of use under the CRS;

        • BMWMCC (Club Events) advertised on the Club's 'What's On' page.  Club events are not restricted to the ACT.
        • Occasional test runs of up to a 40 km radius; and
        • Specific occasions not related to Club use when permission is first obtained from the appropriate Club Registrar.

          The Club Registrar must be informed by the member prior to any of the last category of trips being undertaken, usually at a Club Meeting or by phone/email, to ensure no there is no abuse of the system.

          The Veteran, Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Club has extended an invitation to ALL CRS owners to participate in their Club activities.  You must record, carry and use a log book.  This invitation is posted to the BMWMCC club website.

          Hold and Use a Log book

          As the owner of a concessionally registered vehicle having ensured your motorcycle is roadworthy and has current concessional registration must obtain and use a logbook to record each and every use of your motorcycle.

          This logbook record serves two purposes: it is a requirement of the concession granted by ACT Urban Services and provides a record of when, what for and how far you have used your concessionally registered motorcycle.

          You must carry your log book on the motorcycle.  In the event that you are challenged the logbook can be produced to substantiate the use of the vehicle. To meet this requirement, entries in the logbook must be legible in ink, for each day, and include:

          • date
          • start odometer (where fitted)
          • end odometer (where fitted), and
          • purpose of the ride (mechanical test, Club Event, other approved use)

          Additional information & Links

          A financial member and live in New south Wales?

          The Club does not currently meet the requirements of the NSW Roads & Maritime Services to register CRS motorcycles in that state.

                                                                    Contact the Veteran, Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Club ACT.

          Have questions?  Email the Club Registrar at

          Do not abuse this concession, it is a privilege not a right and misuse
          can affect the 1200+ owners of CRS vehicles in the ACT.

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