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  • Day Ride – Snowy Monaro Plains, NSW, Mini Loop (Club Event)

Day Ride – Snowy Monaro Plains, NSW, Mini Loop (Club Event)

  • 24 Sep 2022
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Buckley’s Crossing Hotel, Dalgety (TS1)

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Update 14 September - See Note at end of Text

With the high country starting to thaw it beckons a welcome return to alpine riding. So why not join the Club for some clear air on a ride through the Snowy Monaro Plains to lunch at Buckley’s Crossing Hotel, Dalgety?

Outbound via the Monaro Hwy to Cooma (coffee stop and hopefully no need to thaw extremities!), onto Berridale via Snowy Mtns Hwy and Middlingbank Rd, through to Jindabyne and then onto Dalgety via the Snowy River Way. Regroup at Jindabyne, as well as refuelling for those needing to. Return via Maffra Rd to Cooma and then a repeat of the delightful Monaro Hwy back to Canberra.

Approximately 380 km on sealed main and secondary roads. Option for a break/stop at ??Bredbo on the return leg (to decide on the day).

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Meet fuelled and ready to go at the Ampol/Caltex, 94 Sheppard Street Hume, for a prompt 09:00 departure. Please email if you plan to meet the group on the way, or at Cooma or Dalgety.

Register if you're interested in coming so we can let the Pub know likely numbers for lunch.

Back-Up Plan: If the weather gods issue a late wintery blast, then the ride will most likely switch to heading north-west to the silo art at Grenfell (TBA).



Note: I rode the proposed route (14th September) to see if any cratered or sudden changes in road surfaces suggested a need to tweak the planned route:

Monaro Hwy –  OK overall, some short sections of disintegrating or raised surfaces (left edges mainly) and the odd pothole here and there. A few fully-laden logging trucks heading from Cooma to Canberra.

Cooma – Spring has gifted a new roundabout at the junction of Sharp and Baron Sts (between the Ampol and Metro fuel stations).

Snowy Mtns Hwy – OK overall, except for a growing pothole collection towards the end of the 85/75 km/h advisory signposted series of bends, a few kms before the turn-off to Middlingbank Rd. They weren’t wide or deep, but the road base was visible and some were on the cornering line. Many trucks continue to use this road.

Middlingbank Rd – Gravel adorning the left hand turn off from Snowy Mtns Hwy, otherwise in good condition (odd pothole here and there). Stunning views of snow-capped mountains on the right (worthy of a photo stop).

Kosciuszko Rd - OK overall, a few short sections of disintegrating or raised surfaces and the odd pothole here and there.

The Barry Way – As for Kosciuszko Rd.

Snowy River Way – Generally OK overall, with some damaged spots (clearly visible and easy to navigate around without crossing the centre line). However, there are four separate, short sections of very badly-damaged road surface, where speed has been reduced to 60 km/h for two sections. For these areas the road surface across both lanes has lifted and disintegrated (raised areas, lumps of loose bitumen, wide potholes and road base is exposed). Affected areas are signposted and clearly visible on approach, but caution is needed.

 Maffra Rd – Good condition with only the odd pothole here and there.

It was a good ride on a sunny, crisp day, with less road surface damage than I had expected. All roads were dry (including causeways and floodways) and clear (no muck/mud). The planned route doesn’t seem to warrant changes at this stage; however, always happy to consider suggestions if there are concerns (please email

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