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  • Scrapheap Adventure Ride #12 Dirranbandi QLD

Scrapheap Adventure Ride #12 Dirranbandi QLD

  • 30 Sep 2022
  • 02 Oct 2022
  • Dirranbandi Queensland

For the information of Club Members only - this is not a club event

Welcome to the Scrapheap Adventure Ride 12 - 2022!

The Scrapheap Adventure Ride (Click on the link for further info & Rego) is a unique fundraising event which involves motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country purchasing a bike for no more than $1000 and doing it up for an adventure ride through the Aussie outback, all while raising awareness and funds to support people with Down Syndrome.

In just 12 years the event has raised over $900,000 for the Down Syndrome community.

Riders begin their journey at home or wherever they like but arrive at the same destination.

This year that destination is Dirranbandi QLD, where all ‘Scrappers’ plus family and friends will meet for a weekend of fun and entertainment at a campsite from September 28 to October 2, 2022.

Our target for 2022 is 100 riders raising $100,000 for Down Syndrome Australia.

So what are you waiting for? Join the 2022 Scrapheap Adventure Ride.

If you’re not a rider, you can support the Scrapheap Adventure Ride and Down Syndrome Australia by sponsoring a rider or just donating to the cause.

General Rules:

Scrapheap Adventure Ride is about having fun, raising awareness and funds for Down Syndrome Australia.

Whilst all bikes are welcome, the idea is to start with a bike costing less than $1000 and spend any additional sums on the bike to make it roadworthy. All machines participating must be registered or have a valid Unregistered Vehicle Permit -UVP.

Then make a (suggested) $100 tax deductible donation to register. Set up your Scrapheap Adventure Ride challenge webpage (only takes a minute), add photos, blog entries, etc so your friends can check out your machine and sponsor your ride.

And if you can’t find a suitable Scrapper to ride, you are welcome to ride your everyday bike and still participate in the event.

Support vehicles for the Scrapheap riders are also welcome and carry fuel, water, food, and any Scrappers that don’t make the distance.

The BMWMCC Inc. has no involvement in the organisation or conduct of this event and only provided for the information of members and public interest. 

The BMWMCC Inc. is not responsible for the content of external sites.  Read Why or email  © BMW Motorcycle Club Canberra Inc. (BMWMCC) 2021.  We changed names from BMW Motorcycle Club ACT.  
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